Pre-Kindergarten/Kindergarten Enrichment ("Explore More" Class)

The Mercer Island Learning Lab’s 5’s class consists of children who are at least five-years-old by October 31st of the year they are enrolling.  This class includes students who are young five-year-olds not attending Kindergarten as well as students who are attending partial-day Kindergarten and who want a complementary learning experience.

Preschool Science exploring Mercer Island

o The program is offered Monday-Thursday from 12:15 – 3:00.  Parents can choose which days the child attends.

o Children bring their lunch to class.

o Parents work an average of 1 time per month in the classroom.

o Parents hold a chosen “job” throughout the year in order to keep the school running smoothly.  Examples of jobs are secretary, book orders, fundraising, etc.

o Parents attend a parent meeting/parent education session one time per month.  As such, parents receive college credits from Bellevue Community College.

o Tuition for 2017-18 was as follows (subject to change):

            $100 per month (per day) or $90 per month (per day) if 2 or more days
             There is also a $75 non-refundable registration fee.

o Registration and tours are underway for the 2018-19 school year.  For questions about the 5’s program, or to schedule a tour of the school, please contact Judy at

Preschooler watching aquarium

The culmination of the 5’s class is an overnight attended by students, teachers, and parents in the dome at the Seattle Aquarium!